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1. Menswear Made For Men

Celebrities have really popularized the feminine menswear look with suits, tuxedo pants, and boyfriend jeans. But when you try this edgy style, it doesn’t look as good. Why? Celebrities have awesome tailors. You can’t just go to your boyfriend’s closet, pick out a suit, and expect it to look awesome. You need to buy men-inspired clothing for women.

2. Skinny Jeans

Every girl deserves a pair of jeans that she can rely on. While skinny jeans look great on some girls, sadly, they will only accentuate large proportions for others. If you are have to struggle to get into your jeans, then chances are they're going to make you look larger.

3. Puffy Coats

It's no surprise that puffy coats aren't really doing anything for your figure. Of course, in the cold months, you'll have to wear a big coat pretty often. Luckily, there are some puffy coats that are cinched at the waist that can show off your figure while keeping you warm.

4. Cropped Or 3/4th Pants

Avoid pants that end between the knee and ankle at all costs. They can look good on rare occasions, but much more often these cropped pants will make the thigh area of average weight women appear larger.

5. Trying To Hide Your Body

Women who are insecure about how they look will often wear as much fabric as possible to cover up their bodies. That's only making you look like a blob — show off your shape! Even if you have a large waist, put a belt on it and show everyone your hourglass shape.

6. Wrong Bra

So much of your look relies on what you're wearing underneath your clothes. A lot of women are wearing the wrong bra, and that can really mess with how you look. Decide if your bra is stretched out; it might be time to go shopping for a new one.

7. Too Tight

Kim Kardashian has a rockin’ bod but when she was pregnant she was guilty of this fashion no-no. Tight pieces that hug your body can be showstoppers but when they are too tight they accentuate all the flaws and hug all the curves the wrong way. It is better to get something a little too big and get it tailored down, that to try to squeeze into something that is too small. Just because it stretches, doesn’t mean it should.

8. Baggy on Baggy

The loose fit is very in right now, and can look so chic when it is paired with the right things. A baggy piece has to be paired with a fitted piece can look great. If you want to wear an oversized sweater, wear leggings or skinny jeans. If you want to wear pajama-style trousers, wear a tighter shirt or jacket.

9. Printed Pants

If you’re in love with the printed pants trend, please be careful. Prints add dimension and volume to the body. So if you see a size 00 model wearing the cutest printed pants and you’re a normal size 8 with a booty, be prepared for the possibility that the pants won’t look the same on you as on the model.

10. Too Many Layers

There is a fine between flattering layers and bunchy, frumpy layers. Just like the rule with baggy clothes, you need to balance fitted layers with loose layers. If you want to wear a loose kimono, wear a tight tank underneath. If you want to wear a loose top, layer on a fitted blazer.

11. Hiding Under A Shapeless Jacket

If you are curvy and maybe a little self-conscious of showing off your bod, hiding it under a shapeless jacket isn’t helping, it’s actually hurting you. Giving your body no shape makes you look like a rectangle. If you want to hide your butt, waist, or arms try a belted trench coat. The belt accentuates a waistline creating a beautiful hourglass figure.

12. Jersey Fabric

Jersey fabric is light and stretchy but does nothing when it comes to highlighting your curves. Jersey shows everything, and I mean everything. It’s just not a flattering fabric unless you are a size 0 model. Go for thicker fabrics for fitted pieces and a flowy fabric, like rayon for looser ones.

13. No Neck

Turtlenecks are the worst. Your neck is one of the skinniest parts of the body. When you show it off, it creates a natural flow to your body’s curves. When you cover it up, there is no middle ground to break up your head and your body, making it appear larger than it is. Long, vertical necklines elongate the torso, making you appear thinner.

14. Chunky Shoes

Fat heels and platform shows add unwanted heaviness to the bottom half of your body. Try something sleeker and thinner. A pointed toe is the perfect shoe to lighten up your legs. If heels aren’t your thing, don’t worry, there are pointed toe flats and boots.

15. Tea-Length Skirts

While tea-length dresses and skirts can look very classy, sometimes the length of the hem hurts you appearance, as a whole. A skirt that hits around the ankles tends to make women look wider. Instead try a skirt that hits right above or below the knee. This hem length creates a fantastic hourglass. Article Credit


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